Will I ever hear from him again?

My ex and i split up a month ago. He got mad after a fight and broke it off. He has some commitment issues and this is what the fight was over. We had a very wonderful relationship and rarely fought. So this is pretty devastating. After the fight and break up, he said he loved me very much but he's upset so he needs time. Its been almost a month with barely a peep from him. Together for 2 years. A friend says he's still upset and depressed and barely leaves the house. I worry about him. Id reach out but he doesn't respond. Will he ever come around, what should i do?


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  • Give him time and space, he'll come around. If you've treated him right and have never done anything wrong to him, he'll be back.


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  • You should wait for him to come to you or if you have the nerve, go to his house just say you're checking on him.


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