Mixed Feelings and Actions from my Ex is leaving me a mess?

My ex and I dated for 2 and half years. Recently I found out that my view on harmful fun was actually hurting him emotionally. I realize that now after we spoke about It and we decided to continue our relationship, though I slipped up a few times I was getting better at fixing the abuse I was causing him. He was becoming more distant though and started to treat me as a friend and not his girlfriend. I was hurt. He decided after less then a month after telling me of this Issue I had, that we needed to break up because we acted more like friends. Willingly agreeing to it because I felt it to we ended the relationship on good terms. We went less then a week without talking and we got out how we were feeling through texts. He basically said that he still loves me but he also really enjoys being Independent from me. We see each other still about 2 times a week and text some small talk here and there. He invited me to Thanksgiving with him and his family and also to church but when I invited him to go to a movie he declined. Now he says Its money which Is possible but I don’t know If he Is just being nice to me and trying to be my friend or If he possibly wants me back. Has he lost feelings am I just over thinking. We went 2 weeks without messing with social media and then now were single on face book, which hurt me I’m starting to loose hope for us, and It’s killing me. I have been moving on extremely slow but I can't continue to be his friend like this without knowing how he Is thinking ugh!
we still tag each other in videos and stuff on social media but i am trying not to do that. we also normally give sad excuses for hugs but im trying to stop that also just to try and maybe play some mind ticks and making him realize i can't wait for him forever. and that i am trying to move on but im really not. what do i do?
Mixed Feelings and Actions from my Ex is leaving me a mess?
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