Should he be mad cause I let a salesman in our house?

He was asleep and a salesman for a vacuum came to the door and convinced me to let them clean my living room. It was a man. He woke my husband up and he was so upset that he left me here alone with the salesman and didn't come home til the demo was over. He was upset that another man was in "his" house. He acted like I was cheating on him. He even said he couldn't imagine having sex with me cause he would think about that man in our house. What is his problem?


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  • Salesman? for a Vacuum? first off, I don't think salesmen for vacuum cleaners should ever be let into a house simply because chances are you already have a vacuum cleaner and if you needed one you could just go to best buy. Secondly, if your husband has had jealousy issues before it might be considerate to wake him up so that he's at least aware of the situation. If you don't like jealous men then you shouldn't be with one. In terms of answering your question directly: no one but your husband is going to be able to answer your question.. he could have some waked out reason for being upset and you'd just have to deal with it cause you're his wife... however.. no man should be jealous if he has married to a woman who decided to spend her life with him. Your best bet would be to apologize even though you did nothing wrong.. it's never a bad thing to apologize... If you still love him that is.

    • They come to our neighborhood all the time selling high dollar vacuums, nothing like you would buy at a store. Maybe it was a bad idea to let him in but you know how salesmen are they keep trying and try to make it sound good. I think he overreacted and if he had a problem he could have told him to leave.

    • His problem wasn't with the salesman.. it was with you. And I'm not going to tell you how important vacuums are or need to be in order to let a man into you home. Letting someone into your house is a kind thing to do regardless of what they are selling just to give them a chance and allow them to do their job.. the problem is that your husband had an issue with it... if you want to know exactly what that issue was.. than you should ask him. Who knows.. maybe he just really hates salesmen haha

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  • Erm... his problem is that he's much tooo jealous and he has the prob not you!

    He should really try and work this out if he should have this kind "attacks" more often.

    Otherwise it could be a very negative influence to your relationship.

    What has this whole stuff to do with sex anyway? No normal behaviour really!

    • I know that is what I told him. We have been having problems in our relationship lately so maybe he is insecure becuase of that.

    • If you already had probs, you should tell him that it won't make it better

      if he starts to psych out for things like that!

      It will just make complete strangers out of you anytime.

  • It sounds like he's having a little tantrum. He'll come to his senses when he calms down. Has he ever had these jealousy issues before?


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