What does my ex mean by this text and should I respond?

So we broke up about 2 weeks ago. Long story short we were in a LDR, we were at 2 different places in our lives (me on my last year of school, her being done with school since 2012, and just working at her job, she wants to start moving towards getting married and having kids while I don't quite want to think about that till I'm done with school for obvious reasons). She felt like she was on the sidelines (school my main focus) and was tired of it. She broke it off due to the obvious frustrations and problems which I respect and understand. I started the no contact rule about a week ago. She just texted me yesterday saying "Hi... just wanted to see how you are doing?" I guess I'm confused as I'm sure she knows how I'm feeling (as anyone would during a break up), so why would she ask, and being the in no contact phase should I say anything? I don't have intentions to respond since I'm in the no contact phase but I'm just curious if I should and if I should how would I?
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What does my ex mean by this text and should I respond?
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