My ex wants to get back together in the future but claims its not the right time as he hasn't slept with anyone else?

As it states in the title my ex brought up with me that he wants to get back together, he claims that at the moment its not the right time because he's worried that because he hasn't slept or been with anyone else that it will affect us having a real relationship because like before it clouded his judgement and thinks that its bound to happen again. I dont really understand this and if anyone does can you please explain this to me. Why does he feel he needs to sleep with other people in order to have a relationship with me?


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  • Basically he wants to keep you waiting around as a backup plan in case he doesn't find anyone else. He wants to be able to go and have sex with other women and see how he likes that, then if he decides that it's not so great he'll do you the great honour or coming back to you.

    You seriously need to tell this guy to get lost. You are not his safety net. If you ever want to have any self esteem then fight for it right now by kicking this guy out into the cold. He's nothing good for you.

    • Why would he do that, since we broke up over a year ago i haven't at all done anything to him to remotely insinuate that there's any hope of us getting back together or for him to assume there's any feelings left for him in the first place.

      Easy- thanks!

    • So, in that case, when he mentions wanting to get back with you at some point just shut him down. Make it clear to him that you're not interested in getting back with him and certainly not if it depends on him having had sex with someone else first. How in the world could that seem like an attractive offer for you?

      If there are no feelings for him and no chances of you getting back together then there is no problem in you making those things clear to him. Then the problem ends.

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  • So he says sex clouds his judgment but yet he wants to sleep with someone? Isn't that very contradicting?

    Anyway, it's a red flag. He's literally playing you, wanting to borrow time by saying things like that so he can sleep around and date and see what else is out there while having you on the side.

    Neer heard of a person who wanted their ex back so badly that they told them it's not the right time cause they wanna fuck other people...

  • Have you slept with others?

    honestly I felt the same way, but as soon as we broke up I regretted it. The reason I felt like that is because I felt like I missed out on other experiences such as sleeping with someone who was bad at it or even someone I didn't love, because I didn't know what that felt like. I thought I needed to have really bad sex in order to appreciate the sex I had with my ex.

    it also was a envy thing because my ex had sex multiple times with another girl and he was my first

    • But I would ditch this guy. I never broke up with my ex BECAUSE of the need for sex with others. In fact, he broke up with me to get his life together.

    • If he really loved you he wouldn't put you through that pain. That's why I didn't give up my boyfriend for s one night stand

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