Is my ex playing hard to get? Or is he confused?

so I recently posted a question about my ex and i..we have been talking lately ,but I am the one that has been contacting him. I feel like if I don't call him ..he won't call me...but every time I've contacted him he's responded and we've hung out..and we have hooked up 3 times since we started talking...but I don't want to talk about anything..i just want to keep the past in the past and see how things go...he hasn't said anything either.but when we hang out the connection seems to still be there..and I love him so much and I just want us to get back together..but I guess I'm just scared to bring up anything and hear what I don't want to hear..but..we hung out all day without hooking up and he kept saying that he had such a great day..and the next day he came over my house and we hooked up but he seemed a little colder and left ..i don't know what to do..I'm so confused and he's confusing it OK that I'm the one that keeps contacting him? cause it seems like he doesn't mind it...what should I do ..'? someone please help me


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  • just don't text him again,he will probably wonder why and text u...ive been through the same thing and they are not worth getting upset over,if its any consalation and you read other peoples breakups on here you are not the only one and that can be a comfort,forget him and move on,theres someone out there that will treat you as you want to be treated.some guys will only contact you out of politeness so don't read too much into it.its an experience I have learnt...goodluck x


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