He broke up with me because I don't mountain bike?!

We met online and dated for an amazing 8 months! He really was the perfect boyfriend and never treated me badly. We loved each other and the break up came out of nowhere (at least for me). He had even told me he loved me the day before without me even saying it first. He asked to go on a break for two weeks and I respected that thinking that there was still hope, but he dumped me anyway. When I asked him why, he said it was because I didn't do some of the same things he did, like marathons and mountain biking. He also claimed I was way more into the relationship than he was, but I didn't buy it! He immediately blocked me and several of my friends on Facebook, except for two of my guy friends. I thought this was weird, but also thought it was a good sign of wanting to see what I was up to.

I waited month before I texted him, just to say that I accepted the break up. There was no response until a week later when he asked me if I wanted my stuff back. We exchanged stuff without seeing each other face to face and there has been no contact since (about 3 weeks).

Is there still a chance he could change his mind? How much longer could it take? Do you think he misses me?

He unblocked me on Facebook last night, but we are still not friends...what could this mean?
is he waiting for me to friend him, even though I think that seems like what a crazy person does...


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  • There's other fish in the sea. -- You deserve better. And I'm not just saying this cause I'm a girl. But you're looking for something it doesn't sound like he wants at the moment. And as far as the break up goes. (Honestly) He just isn't into you anymore. I had a friend that dated this guy for two years and just a couple weeks ago broke up with her because he wasn't into her like he used to be.

    But on a happier note, you seem like a sweet girl. You'll find someone to sweep you off you're feet again. :)

    • Thank you, it helps to hear strangers say the same things I've been hearing from my friends

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  • most of the time when the excuses/reasons don't make sense, it's because someone's trying to avoid telling you the real reason. hard to be sure but I'd say chances are he met someone else.

    in any case, he has made his feelings clear. he doesn't want to continue the relationship. if he missed you, wouldn't he just call you? you deserve someone who wants you as much as you want them, don't settle for less.

    • I was afraid someone was going to mention that he might have already moved on...I have thought that myself, but don't think it's true because he had to meet me online and he is always working. I thought this fact might help him wanting me back

    • Agree

  • It's over and I think he was lying to you about the reason. I suspect there is someone else in his life. His excuse was lame.


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  • I'm gonna be honest. I don't think he misses you and I don't think there is a second chance. Move on. Chances are the "mountain biking" thing was just a cover up and he was dumping you because there was another girl. That might be the reason he took such care to delete your friends as well so that you would not find out about the speedy replacement through them. This has probably scarred you emotionally but you can recover from this. Just get to know yourself again and remove him from your life bit by bit...he wasn't worth it and never will be so don't stress out over him.

    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks that really helps!

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