Ghosting, why do you do it? Those who have been ghosted how do you feel?

I would just like to hear from people who have ghosted people, why did you do it what was your thoughts

people who have been ghosted, how did it make you feel and how did you get over it?


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  • Hey, if I can't stand their family, I know there's no point in arguing about it. They will just attack ME if I criticize their sacred family.. in many cases.

    So I just disappear, so there won't be a pointless unwinnable argument about how her crazy mother is really not that bad, etc. OR how it's ok that her brother hits on my 12 year old niece, he's just a misunderstood boy... and so forth.

    Disappearing is often the BEST choice, even if not a GOOD choice!

    Sorry to say!

  • I ghost so much da ghostbusters develop new gadgetz to detect the boss legend which is me..

  • I ghost a lot. My friends actually call me Casper now 🙈


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