Does anyone else who tried leaving someone or left someone felt so much regret and that is was so wrong that your heart hurts continuously?

There is this wonderful person, I just can't be with him due to my own personal reasons and he can't be with me due to his personal situations with his job and living far. We decided to friends who keep in limited contact. I tried to end things completely a couple times but he wanted to be friends. Then I tried to end it saying we should just not talk again so we can both move on, after over a week of continuously feeling I was wrong, and heart pain I told him sorry and we should just be friends. I have been wondering if I should just cut all ties again so we really can move and I want to let him move on, but my heart hurts so much when I think about how to do this, more than it has before. I usually have very little problems letting guys go. Has this type of thing happened to anyone else before?


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  • Only during actual break ups, like with my first

    • How long did it take your heart to stop hurting continuously every day?

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    • Okay, thanks, good if there is an end point lol

    • It was for the best I guess at the time

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  • I was with a women much older than me, who i really liked, and felt deep love for her, however i knew long term was not possible so i decided to break with her, to allow her to meet someone who can be a proper partner for her, and provide for her and her children.

    • Sorry you had to go through that, hope you both found the right people or will one day.

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  • sometimes the more you hold on the more your heart felt hurt.. 😗😊 hope everything will be okay! 😊


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