Timing isn't right line?

I had been talking to this guy for 6 months... Sunday, when I took him home, he told me that this was the most confusing relationship he has been in because we weren't dating. He said, we're kind of together but we're not official. Then, said that the timing was wrong. I know his mom went crazy and took all of his money and I've been understanding. I never tried to pressure him with asking me out but as time went along, I realized we didn't really go on dates, and all we did is watch Netflix and have sex. So, Sunday night while dropping him off, he also said that this can go three ways. We break things off, we continue doing things hoping they get better, or we go our separate ways and still talk and continue things later maybe. He said he wanted me to make the choice and that if I wanted a relationship that he can't be that guy yet. Then, after that he talks about going to each other's thanksgivings? It sounds like a load of crap and that he just wanted the sex. It just doesn't make sense that we are doing couple things and everyone looks at us as a couple but putting a label on things will make everything harder. Yesterday, I decided to end things. It was clear he was pushing me away and he even told me he was trying to get me to lose feelings. I guess I'm just looking for input and comfort. I'm only 19 and knew we wouldn't spend our life together but i really liked him. It always sucks learning that someone doesn't feel the same way and that the don't have the balls to be straight up with you. Thanks!
Timing isn't right line?
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