I think I'm being verbally abused. Please help?

I am in a relationship since 2013. And since 2 years I've been going through a lot. In the beginning it was all good but gradually I started seeing some sort of changes in his behaviour. And these changes crushed my self esteem.
1. Firstly, he tried to control me. He never allowed me to talk to any other guy. Not even to my male friends. Once i went on my friend's party. He created a total drama out of it. He shouted at me. I cried all day coz of that.

2. He used to fight with me whenever he saw me using my fb account. He hates that I am on fb I don't know why.

3. He insults me infront of his friends. Calls me STUPID DUMBASS PATHETIC & a FAILURE. When I oppose this he tells me that he is just being a little sarcastic with me coz he loves me.

4. I've gained 5 pounds coz of some health issues. I'm not cured yet. He is well aware of this fact but he still insults me for my weight and says that he just wants me to see "TONED" and "FIT" which is not possible right now coz I am ill. He calls me UGLY now. (My current weight is 120 pounds)

I don't know what to do. I just feel so empty. :(
I think I'm being verbally abused. Please help?
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