My girlfriend wants to break up.. still dont know what to do?

So here is my story.. me and my girlfriend met on a cruise ship 7 years ago.. it was her first time to work as a wait staff on a ship.. after a month we became a couple.. it lasted until now.. we both know our relationship is not forever from the beginning.. we always talk about that but for me i never believed that.. the problem began last 2 months ago when I found out that she had a big crush on one of our colleague from the ship (different department) so I asked her how much she like this guy.. she said "a little only" and I thought that it's not serious so i didn't mind.. but then when we join for another contract she changed a lot.. she always checking this guys facebook like 10x a day... and then here is the sad story.. she wants to end our relationship after this contract.. bcoz she said that its about time.. that we are getting old and we need to find our partner in life but she want to end this contract with me like we are together but after the contract were done... its a bit weird.. so here I am so stupid agreed to what she wants... but eventually things are getting worse and worse... we always fight especially when I found out that her crush is going to the same ship on her next contract.. and told. me If i go to that ship were just friends... so I told her i am not going to that ship.. I cannot take that she will be with somebody else... she also said that the guy is alao one of the reason why she is going to that ship.. so at the moment i dont know what to do... she keeps saying that she doesn't see me as her future partner because of my attitude.. I admit i am a jealous freak before because If you can see her, she has the looks and the body... so I got overprotected.. now I dont know what to do.. I know I cannot win her back anymore because i can see how she is into this guy... please help
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She also said that she want to try other relationship because since she started ti work on the ship she's already commited to me.. now she wants to feel how is it to be sungle again.. and her crush is also a part of it why she wants to go to that ship... and I even think she's hoping thatbtgey are gonna be together... but I'm sure her next boyfriend is gonna be her future husband..
My girlfriend wants to break up.. still dont know what to do?
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