Dealing with a breakup for too long?

Just to try to keep this short & sweet... I was a successful college student getting good grades & about to graduate with two semesters left when I got engaged to an amazing girl but it seemed like it was over before I could blink & we ended up breaking up.

Fast forward a year & a half & I'm struggling with depression, motivation, & just general day to day life with still not having graduated, etc.

I'm just finally done with the struggle & reaching out for any advice I can get. I know I shouldn't still be struggling but it is what it is.

Thanks in advance...


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  • Why did this occur so suddenly and hit you so hard? What is your background with relationships and with depression?

    • Well it basically hit me hard because I felt a way about her that was special & definitely different than other relationships I had been in. I guess just a hard time losing someone I loved & cared so much for.

      I've had two other real relationships, once broken up with & one me breaking up with them & it sucked but I was able to still handle it & have a regular life.

      This depression/motivation issue I have wasn't something I really think I had before losing my ex-fiancée.

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    • Thank you for taking all the time you did. It's much appreciated. I think it will definitely make a difference.

      Thanks :)

    • Feel free to message me if you want to talk more.

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  • Break up take a toll on us. Unfortunately we don't get to choose how long it take to get over someone it happens overtime.


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