Why would a boyfriend cheat on a girlfriend that he supposedly loves?

me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 1/2 yrs. and he decided to cheat on me with his childhood friend, that girl had a boyfriend too, and she thought it was funny that I got mad she said it wasn't that serious. they didn't have sex. they just talked sexually and told each other how much that they've been wanting to date each other, I broke up with my boyfriend because I wanted him to have a chance with her so both of them could be happy but he didn't want to leave, he said he still loves me, but til this day I can't stop checking his phone, his emails, who calls him, I feel so paranoid and I lost all respect for him. he promised never to cheat on me because he said he knows how horrible it feels since his ex cheated on him, so I don't know what to do or think anymore I feel so weird, what should I do?


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  • Oh man that sounds like my worst nightmare. (my boyfriend has a very close friend whos female... very flirty... I hate it)

    I can't tell you what to do, but if that happened to me I'd have to break up with him. Even though it might kill me. I'd have to. If there's no trust, and you don't think you could ever trust him (or her for that matter), it shouldn't go on. They are always going to be friends and you're constantly going to feel like you're in competition with her and it's bullsh*t.

    Break it off. You're better than that. If you stay, you're just going to look like a doormat. Don't be a doormat. You can do better.

    You shouldn't ever feel like you're in competition with anyone.


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  • he might not cheat on you jsut because he has morals. but if he's talking like that and doing things like that, its emotional cheating, sorta say. he might not be physically cheating on you but it seems like he's emotionally not there for you but more for her. if its come to a point where you are so paranoid about it and lost respect for him. you have to rethink this relationship and talk to him about everything you are feeling. you are wasting your time if you are not happy. speak with him and tell him everything you are feeling. if they have been talking about how much theyve been wanting to date then why haven't they?

    • Well they couldn't because she's younger than him...and his family and her family are friends and her brother is her bestfriend...thats what he said and they both think its not cheating. in fact the girl thought it was funny when I got really mad because their argument is that nothing physical happened. I'm ready to break up but I can't because I'm not over it, until I get closure from the cheating or whatever I can't seem to let go, that's why I don't know wut I should do lol should I confront her or what?

    • You can't confront her with out him knowing. because he can just turn it around on you because that girl can get upset and complain to him and could and probably will make up stuff. if you think he cheated ask him. you can't really know unless you have evidence or he tells you. but you do have to talk to him that his "friendship" with that girl is a little to uncomfortable for you. if he cares he will understand. she might be his best friend but I personally think that's a little much.

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  • Its easy to say all that sh*t but ull never really know.. That's a risk you have to take as well though. I wouldn't stay if I was you well I prob would but it wudnt be right and we would break up in the end. Evrything happens 4 a reason and you'll find him in the end. ave fun till you do :)

    And everything is ok in the end if its not ok its not the end. Good luck babe x

    • Thank you. I'm still waiting for that end cause I really want everything ot be ok between us and everything.

  • maybe he was not ready for a commitment and still wants to have sex with girls and fulfill his selfish desires w/o any thought to your feelings. he promised never to cheat on me because he said he knows how horrible it feels since his ex cheated on him but he still did it to you anyway. that's f***ed up. they may not have had sex, but lets be real, if you are having sexual conversations with someone you don't do that just for fun. he wanted to f*** her, they either planned on f***ing or they already have and he's just lying about it. my advice to you is to dump him. he's violated ur trust, hurt you, went outside your relationship..what can he really do for you? if you stay with a guy who does that to you he will never really respect you and its a high likelihood he will cheat again because he knows you won't do anything about it you'll just tolerate his actions because you love him more than you love yourself. don't be that girl. dump his sorry ass and move on. keep ur eyes on the road and don't look in the rear view.


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