I like my ex-girlfriend who is also my good friend now, what do I do?

Simply said and put.
  • Remain friends and block out your feelings.
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  • Go for it, dude.
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  • Defriend her because your feelings will get to you.
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  • Talk to her, exchange feelings and opinions about each other.
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  • Ask yourself two question first. Why did it not work the first time? Will it be different this time? If you can answer those question then talk to her about it.

    • We were fine. There was really one big 'no no' : I told her I loved her and she didn't say it back. She freaked out the whole night and eventually called me crying because she felt it was putting a lot of pressure on her.

      I feel that was the problem. I was going to fast and she just wasn't ready.

      If we did get back together, I would approach the relationship more cautiously and do what she feels is comfortable.

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    • My ex and I didn't date for long but we have/had something special. I mean, we both have a long history together so it's not like we are complete strangers to each other.

      Yeah, I was talking to my friend after a lecture and he said that I should just talk to her and see how she feels.

    • That's good I think it may be easier if you two have known each other for a long time just for the fact that she may not want to lose that connection.

      I agree you need to just go for it and see what she thinks.

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