Think about ex every day - should I contact him to try to see him again?

He was very toxic for me and burned my self respect (involved in cheating/drugs/etc) but he was the MOST passionate/romantic person I have met in my life. We've been apart two years - he messaged me constantly a year after the breakup trying to just even be friends. I was with someone else for a year after we broke up, but felt a fraction of how I felt for my ex so we broke up. Now it's been two years and I think every day how he made me feel and how I haven't felt that way for so long - I fantasize about how it'd feel to see him all the time and hope he will contact me again.

I'm going to the club where we first met tomorrow night - should I message him, or find a subtle way to contact him and tell him to come there? SO i can see him again? I'd rather not it be planned and find a subtle sneaky way to get him there, like not a direct message from me.


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  • Toxic love... Freaking women 😒

  • yup you are psychotic. drug user sadistic cheating asshole but was "the most romantic man ever". yup yuo women are crazy and staying celibate was the best choice in my life... .


What Girls Said 1

  • fuck the bitch you miss the emotions not the person remember that


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