She's angry I've become a better person after she dumped me, do I take her back?

I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years. She's very pretty I'm not the type of guy who talks about her being out of my league but she definitely is gorgeous. I'm just a nice funny guy (or so I've been told). Thing is I got a culinary degree when I was 18 and have spent the last two years working 84 hour weeks to pay off my student loan. She's going to school to be a CPA and would get angry that I couldn't take her out to donfun stuff like every boy friend does. Although I told her upfront I had to pay off my loans, she started comparing me to other successful guys my age and how I wasn't as successful (culinary pays shit). I'd do my best to bring lobster or steak from work and plan outings with my meager budget.
So she dumped me and started seeing different guys who well are the "tall dark and handsome" types. Guess they do take her nice places but treat her like shit. My brother gave me 7k to finish paying my student loan and my friend who is an electrician has helped me get ready for an interview apprenticeship.
she saw me out with a girl who's liked me for a long time at a bar and I ignored her (she was with another guy). Guess word got out that I'm done paying my loans and looking to enter a new career/trade and she texted me and called. Angry that "it had taken her dumping me" to make me a better person... I was in debt.. I don miss her and envisioned having a family with her one day. But part of me feels like she made me feel bad for struggling financially and professionally and only when she saw the grass wasn't greener and that I was successful is she wanting to work it out. I'm conflicted.


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  • Yea... Don't. She's literally showed you she's not down, why would you want that? Don't you prefer a woman whose your partner, who is there for ups and downs, instead of one who will leave you for the down times and only come back when you're going through better times... bearing in mind that life is constant ups and downs.

    And seriously, she's so low, that she's willing to be treated like shit just to get a guy who takes her places. Very low human being.

    I will say though, for future relationships- you don't need money to take a girl out. Go in your kitchen and make her a nice romantic meal, put on some movies and make junk food, make a picnic and go on a walk and picnic, go to free museums. There's loads. It's just the effort you're willing to put in. Any guy can take a girl to a restaurant for somebody else to cook for her, not any guy will take time out to make her stuff himself and go out of his way to make a day special.


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  • that girl is like a shadow... walk behind you when you're under the sun (money)... disappear when you're in the dark.
    maybe she's pretty like you said, but look with your mind, not with your eyes.

    Good luck...

  • "she dumped me"

    "do I take her back?"



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