What would you did if the person you use too think wqs your soualmate was now single? and you had a dream about him or her the night before?

S0 yday night i had a dream about my ex girlfriend the first 1 in along while then i wake up too a text from a friend of ours who told me my ex broke up. See this dream is important becuase i been have dreams all year that i dream. True. I told myself too stop over thinking abott my dreams that they are just dreams but even my friend ask me to have a dream about her since they kept coming true.
Why we broke up
So pretty much her parent's end our relationship of a argument we had, she didn't fight for me end of story.. i won't to into details unless asked. Here why i known it won't work out and why it's more like too work out with my new girlfriend.

Ex girlfriend
1. She allowed her parents top forced us apart n control our relationship which shows her.
2. She thinks about herself and never let me follow my dreams if she thought She lose me.
3. Her family hates me and we both made to many mistakes we can't take back.
Her father has told many lies and even tried calling the cops on me just for asking too speak with my ex girlfriend.

My current girlfriend. Why we will more then likely work out.
1. She shut her parents down as soon as they even tried missing with our relationship.

2. Our relationship is close too perfect and we rarely ever fight when we did its small and we fix it with in 10 min.
3. She understand that respecting her parents does not mean doing what ever they say at rhe cost of her own happiness.

4. she doesn't tell her parent's every thing about our relationship like my ex.

So yea that's why its more likely too work out with my current girlfriend at first wouldn't date me since her parents belive you shouldn't date outside your race and her grandparents are 100% raceist. I known i have to be dumb too give up someone who has proven themselfs in everyway. I won't lie i still love my ex girlfriend in fact we were almost engaged but that's the past. Sorry if this feel rush if u have any question ask below. Sorry for any spelling mistake i had to edit a lot over 6000 words lol.


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  • I wouldn't do anything, and congratulations on the worst spelling and grammar in the history of GaG.

    • I didn't ask for your input on my spelling. If you can't be helpful them don't comment that simple

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