My ex is my friends with benefits and he claims he can keep his feelings for me under control?

My ex and I started friends with benefits agreement a little while back but when we started this agreement he told me that there were feelings there for me still but claims he will be able to keep them under control and have a purely physical relationship with me... do you think this is possible or his feelings will get stronger? im concerned because I myself do not having feelings for him and I don't want it to hurt him if we continue this agreement.

I would also like to add he was the one who initiated our breakup in the first place and I would also like to add that he's a overly sensitive guy.


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  • why dont u become couple again , ı dont understand that thing "friends with benefits


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  • It's a really bad idea to be friends with benefits with a recent ex. It just blurs the line of where feelings and relationship is and makes it difficult for people to let go and move on.

    • We broke up awhile ago it was back in June of 2015

    • He might be over you. If he gets attached easily though, you're better off just finding a different friends with benefits instead one that you already know has the potential for big drama.

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