Cut off by my ex?

Me and my ex had been dating for 3 years, after the 2 year mark we wanted to get engaged but his family denied me as i was from a different culture.. he chose me over his family but his a person attached to his family and i couldnt cope with the pain i was putting him through as he cried everynight on my shoulder because his family didn't want him. We had never argued within our relationship i literally mean it was perfect, both respected eachother we was just meant to be. But after this whole family incident we both were really upset as we really wanted to get engaged, we tried everything with his family it just didn't work. We ended breaking up 1 month ago mutually. We both just agreed it was the best thing to do as of now... its been 1 month since the break up and we only talked once.. for couple of minutes.. i said 'dont you care about me?' as he cut me off and he said 'think what you want to think, this is something i can never recover from' that was literally the only conversation. Im blocked off everything i mean everything apart from twitter which i think he checks up on me at times.. but i haven't messaged him from twitter as i didn't want to get blocked from thier either and he knows i know his twitter password but hasn't changed it? Im really confused in what he wants like does he still love me? Why did he cut me off? He was a really masculine male and very independent and loved me to pieces but i can't find any explanation behind why he's cutting me off? I've also seen him 2 times on the bus as he lives 2 roads away from me and he just put his hand over his face so i won't recognise him but i obviously did. Also at the moment of break up he also did say 'its you or none' but then again i feel like he feels gulity for breaking up because he thinks he ruined my life and he wants me to forget him, because he also messaged my cousin 2 weeks afer the break up and said 'is she okay?' & 'is she over me yet?' Someone please reply 😭 Im confused what is he trying to do?

Cut off by my ex?
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