Anyone ever been dumped after being cheated on but the other person won't admit to cheating?

I'll save you the long story, my ex who I was very in love with dumped me after a questionable night out. Although she has denied that anything happened I'm positive she cheated on me (I have good reasons and I'd rather not go into them). Anyway it annoys me to no end that she won't even fucking admit it. Anyone been in a similar situation?


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  • Not dumped relationship wise but have friend wise

    • friends with benefits?

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    • I didn't read the whole question

    • lol 😂

  • Yes, with a guy I almost married. Even worse, I knew the chick he was cheating with.

    • I'm very sorry to hear and it's best that it happened before the marriage. How did you get over not having that closure? I went above and beyond to get it but she'd never admit to it.

    • Well, us breaking up was closure. He moved in with her like 2 months later.

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