Get back together?

My ex that just dumped me on Friday just texted me yesterday saying he had been thinking about giving us another chance.

After hours of him apologizing & me ignoring him, I began to converse with him, which brought up that his best girl friend that I conversed with a few times, told him I said I thought I was pregnant.

I HAVE NEVER SAID anything remotely close to that, ever.

So I tell him around 7pm that I'd like to try again, & BAM the texts stop. I text him twice after that with "?" & "I guess your new phone is broken too lol" & no response, but he status updated on Facebook at 10pm, a sad face.

This morning I wake up to a text from him saying he's sorry that he fell asleep last night. My sister told me not to talk to him for at least 3 days to see if he really wants me back or was just testing the waters to see how much control he has.

What do I do?


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  • I would have to agree with your sister..if he is really serious about getting you bk he will mos. def. call/text you within three days...You never know people break up and get bk together all the time ..its ok to forgive...However if he's being a coward because of a "pregnancy scare" he might not be worth it..U know him and I don't so its for you to evaluate his sincerity...(:

    • I thought about that too, maybe he was just texting me with something nice so I'd tell him the truth, if I thought I was pregnant or not. I don't know why his friend would tell him I said I was pregnant, I never said that sh*t. She was jealous though when we first started dating, said he changed & wasn't around much anymore, but now she is texting me mad that I called her a name when I was p*ssed, saying she wants us to get back together & she was the one who told him to get back with me.

    • Sounds like a lot of bs to me,but maybe that was the case he probably was trying to find out the so called truth but it seems like they both are playing games so..i say forget about em because if you two wind up back together there might me animosity between you and his friend..n trust me a relationship with a b**chy bestfriend isn't a happy one...she might cause problems between you two

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  • I think that you shouldn't just jump back into things with him. It sounds like he may be testing the waters though. I would go with your sisters advice, but if you want to get back together with him, don't make it seem like your ignoring him for three days because he could just decide you weren't willing to give it another chance!

    Good Luckk

  • i agree I been there done that and if the guy txting you and he want you back and then stop after you agree then he really was just testing boyfriend who I just recently got back with went to living hell to get me back so if (not to be mean) he doesn't you txt after 3days and doesn't give you a good reason y he hasn't then yea..."just testing the water"


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