Get back together?

My ex that just dumped me on Friday just texted me yesterday saying he had been thinking about giving us another chance.

After hours of him apologizing & me ignoring him, I began to converse with him, which brought up that his best girl friend that I conversed with a few times, told him I said I thought I was pregnant.

I HAVE NEVER SAID anything remotely close to that, ever.

So I tell him around 7pm that I'd like to try again, & BAM the texts stop. I text him twice after that with "?" & "I guess your new phone is broken too lol" & no response, but he status updated on Facebook at 10pm, a sad face.

This morning I wake up to a text from him saying he's sorry that he fell asleep last night. My sister told me not to talk to him for at least 3 days to see if he really wants me back or was just testing the waters to see how much control he has.

What do I do?
Get back together?
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