A guy, a girl, and a break-up?

If a guy broke up with a girl why would she want to talk? When they did decide to talk she said all the things that were wrong with him and he just listened. Then she wanted to hear what he had to say. He had nothing left to say except "You just didn't understand me." Then the conversation ends.

Was this closure? Do you think the girl will feel better about herself? Do you think the guy handled himself wisely? Do you think he feels good about himself?


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  • If the guy broke up with the girl, it doesn't make sense for her to attack his flaws when they talk. I could understand wanting to talk to get answers, like, "why--?". When a girl/guy requests to talk after getting dumped, it is usually to get closure, and to try to convince the other person to give them another chance.

    I guess, everyone has their own way of handling rejection, and pain. In her case, she handled it by putting the other person down. She thinks by verbally attacking the guy, she will make him feel the pain and rejection she is feeling. Revenge, maybe? If I were the guy, I wouldn't feel good about myself at all. It would really hurt my self esteem, and just how I see myself as a person in a relationship. As for the girl, I don't think it will make her feel better. At that moment she might think she has the upper hand, but she will realize she lost either way.

    With situations like that, there is really nothing else to do but listen. There is no point in trying to defend yourself, or "argue". It is over anyway, so what's the point. So yah he handled it pretty well. But it probably drove her insanely crazy. Because I'm sure she wanted to get a reaction out of him...

  • If your asking about her self esteem afterwards. Its called SELF esteem, its an esteem of yourself. Its not what happens to you, its what you do about it. So it depends on you and how confident you are. If something gets to you, its because you let it. Forgiving helps put things in the past. Forgiving is also a form of closure. Its something you do for yourself to avoid resentment or hate.

    If she doesn't understand you, she was never listening...

    There are no losers or winners in the game of love, just players.


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