Friendships and romance, what to do?

I dated Peter* for like three years (on and off), round the same times Chad* was dating *Christina. Chad* is Peter*s housemate, that's how I met Chad. Both myself and *Chad have broken up from our partners are now single, me for 11 months him for 6months. My relationship with *Peter was bad. (to sum it up)

We recently started talking and began liking each other. Although we like each other we agreed nothing can happen now because I'm his friends ex and he just got out of a serious relationship. but didn't disregard of any possibility in the future.

Recently *Peter found out what has been going on and flipped out, he thought me and him would get back together even though I said there was no chance. *Peter and *Chad sort of argued and now *Chad is like nothing can happen now and we should be friends, now he doesn't text or anything unless I start. Guessing he got freaked out. Its confusing as he's says one minute don't forget me then says I wish you find someone else whose awesome. Just want to know is there anything I can do, or is it a lost cause? like I don't want him to say lets be friends and just disappear.


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  • you can be friends, but until he moves out and the both of you don't talk to Peter, then the next level is pending


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