My male math tutor didn't tell me he quit. What's the deal?

So my math tutor - a guy - just bailed on me when I need his help the most. So why won't he just send me a polite e-mail letting me know he can't handle tutoring me? Where is the common courtesy?


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  • People are naturally afraid of admitting failure or wrong doing. Look at history's most notorious criminals. Many of them believed that they were innocent or that their actions were justified because they were helping their community. You tend to see this more in people when they are put in a corner. They will find any reason whatsoever to put the blame elsewhere.

  • That's like... The worst business practice anyone could EVER do to a customer. That's definitely unprofessional. What's your problem? I'll help you with your math. message me.

    • That isn't just common courtesy, that's just straight up rude and very unprofessional.

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