How do I go about reconnecting with my ex?

OK here goes was with ex for nearly 5yrs broke up 9mnths ago main reason things just got too comfortable we both stopped making an effort, anyway I moved out back with parents he still wanted to be friends, but I couldn't I took the break up really hard and spent sometime in hospital, had to leave my job, he spoke to my parents and told them the last thing he wanted to do was hurt me.It's now 9mnths since breakup he still on my mind 24/7 I bumped into him yesterday and spoke for while just general how are u?, family? what been up to kind of thing.

Been through break ups b4 but this one was hard and I always have had the gut feeling he will come back there's just something about him.! I asked him round for coffee sometime and he accepted but how do I take it from there?


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  • In a calm cool manner you express your feelings and asks if he's willing to try again. If you believe you'll become emotional try not to do it in a terribly public place, instead giving him more room to be honest in a quiet and private setting. You ask and there's nothing more to do; the rest is in his court.

    Unfortunately there's nothing else you can do beyond that; no matter how you dress, present yourself, or manage any other facet it is up to him.


What Girls Said 1

  • SLOWLY...remember it should take you 1/2 the time you dated to get over him. So about 2.5 years.

    • Don't understand? trying to reconnect with him don't want to get over him

    • What I meant was that you should try and reconect slowly. And that you may find that you don't really want to, its just that you haven't fully gotten over him yet. No matter what happens in the end though make HIS ass wait for you and go super slow.

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