My ex boyfriend wants me to return his call - I don't know if I'm ready for that.

Its been a month. He has called twice. Now granted he doesn't say he's coming back, but he's told me how he misses me and loves me., and how he'd really like to talk.

If I don't call him back will he miss me even more? I don't really want to ignore him, I love him but I also don't want to get emotional on him either. Also, if I do decide to call him and he tells me loves me, do I tell him I love him as well? Or do I just play it cool? thanks for the advice.


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  • To be honest with you, I would call him back and ask him specifically why he wants to talk!, if its him confessing his love to you but he is unsure about being with you time to move on! Don't confess your love to him.. that's what I would do.. But if you do talk to him when you call him let him know that you are not ready to talk to him right now. Because he needs to understand that you need space. And if he keeps bugging you well that's a different story in it self.


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