He's not happy with me so I think he will be happier with someone else am I making the right decision?

It's being almost 2 years sometime bk I felt as if I was losing him , he didn't say he isn't happy with me but action speak louder than words he hardly cares about me any more it's like he feel out of love but I still Iove him.


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  • If you still love him try everything you can to keep him. Try thing a that you guys have never done, go to sports game, do activities like rock climbing, bowling, act like you guys are friends, have fun together, relationships don't have to be all cuddles and kisses, it's needs to be fun also. You'll enjoy each other's time much more.


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  • Sometimes people get caught up in initial infatuation to the point where they ignore all of their differences and the other person's personality. He may not really care about you anymore because he may never have really cared for you, but he may also have realized that you two aren't as compatible as he originally had thought. He could also be depressed or stressed. Either way, if he isn't happy with you or you aren't happy with him, then you made the right decision for both of you to move on.

    • I am happy with him but I don't know what's going on in his mind.

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    • I should and I will but the though of leaving him is just difficult already.

    • It's normal to feel that way since you've invested so much time, effort, and money into him. Of course it would be easier if you didn't feel the way about him that you do, but that's normal because you're human.

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  • yes your right when he is not caring its better to bk

  • Show him this post


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