I want to get back with my ex after an amicable break up. What do I do?

She broke up with me because I was over my head / too fast and she just wasn't ready for this relationship. She told me then that she doesn't want to date anyone and we may never date again during the time we know each other. Though, that was when we were all emotional and she was on the verge of crying. She told me she still cared for me and that's why she was afraid to break up with me but she felt it was necessary.

It's hard to get over her than other girls because I've been chasing her for over a year and plus we both have the same friends. I see her everywhere and anything my friends do, she's there. It's hard to forget everything when she's right next to me every weekend.

It's been a month and I still want her back. I've realized what I did wrong and I want to get a second chance. I know I should give her space and time to think. What do I do?


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  • Nope. She was crying because she genuinely cares for you and didn't want conflict between you (or the relationship), but she wouldn't have broken-up with you and put herself in that vulnerable position if she didn't feel it absolutely necessary. If she hasn't said anything to you then leave her be. Accept the reality - she isn't right for you because she doesn't want to be with you. You want someone who does want you, it's that simple.

    • She has talked to me. Within the first week, we discussed about what lies in our future. It's all too confusing and we couldn't really say then. Though, we do casually talk now and then when our friends are around but we can't talk one to one.

      Of course she doesn't want to be with me but it's not like she didn't want to be with me. Okay that sounds really confusing when I say that but allow me to explain. She doesn't like how I was accelerating our relationship to the serious level too fast. She liked/liked me but wasn't comfortable with the pace. I would say she didn't break up with me because she didn't like me or think or beliefs/mindsets were not compatible but rather we were both inexperienced.

      She does want me, as a friend, right now. But we think we both need space before we figure out what we are going to do with each other.

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    • Yeah, keep your distance or make sure you understand the situation for what it is and emotionally and mentally readjust. If you can't deal with being around her right now then take some time to yourself and arrange to see your friends without her there, that's fair enough isn't it.

    • Okay, sounds good, thank you for your advice

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