So am I only a friends with benefits or what?

So I've been dating this girl for about 6 mo than now. The first month was amazing, the honeymoon stage. We had crazy sex, spent all our time together, brought each other around our friends and family. Everything was good that I asked if we were an official thing. She said yes but a week later her she said her emotions got to her and basically said she wasn't ready for a serious commitment yet. In other word she still wanted to see what else was out there. I agreed to her wish and stood by her side still. Anyways even after that she we still dated like normal. Until one day she met a guy and they kicked it off well. It started breaking my heart she was with him all the time and she kept telling me about him. I soon had a talk with her and told her I couldn't see her anymore because of what was going on. We stopped talking for a month and during that month I saw on her Facebook wall him posting a lot about her. He left for deployment and 2 weeks later she contacts me saying how much she's missed me. I was kinda upset she was doing this to me and him but after 2 weeks straight of her trying to reach out to me I agreed to hangout. We went on a official first date again and things went back to normal. Two days later we got into a huge argument about how I wanted something serious but she kept saying no and then I kept saying what are we doing then. She said I'm leaving soon (to school and hour away) and she doesn't like distance relationships. Anyways were still dating and she still talks about her friend on deployment from time to time. She still brings me around her mom and dad. She wants to meet my family. But she doesn't want to be official. She does get mad if she thinks I'm talking to other girls but I'm not. When she goes out with other guys I do get jealous but I dont control her or ask questions so what are we doing? Should I give an ultimatum?


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