Is she interested?

Girl at work and I are back and forth up and down. We've been working on a project together for a long time and sometimes I feel like she's trying to drag it out. There was a period of time that she would call me and we'd talk for like an hour plus mostly about work. She's hint at doing lunch and we would and talk for ever. She'll plan meetings with me and we'll joke around and gossip about work and maybe get a little bit of work done. She'll bump my legs or feet under the table all the time. During our last two meetings she was supposed to be meeting with someone else but she stayed with me an extra 15 mins both times. The last time we were in the cafeteria and a woman came up after 15 mins and said to her we can reschedule and it got super awkward. She said no we're done and I said ok I'm out bye! lol do you think she wants to hook up? :)
Is she interested?
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