How should I end things with this guy? He wanted to go from talking everyday to "time to time", haven't heard from him in 2 weeks or for Thanksgiving?

Was talking to someone who said they want to go from everyday talking to "time to time", because we live across country, he said it makes it miserable that he can not have me and being in constant contact makes it difficult for him. Heven said I am special to him, he loves my heart, that he is very attracted to me. We used to talk every day, then he said he would pursue me more if we lived closer and because he can not have me it makes it miserable. Sounds like blah blah blah to me, not to be mean. I tried to end things a few times fully, he asked me not to and said he please wants to keep I contact just every once in a while. Tried to agree to be friends but why does he even eat to be friends, why did he just not fully end things himself? Haven't heard from him in almost two weeks, and if he cared as much as he has said, I just think he would not be able to stop himself from reaching out because his feelings would be strong enough to make him. My feelings are strong enough but I can not because he is the one who said we shoud talk less and don'the want to have to push anyone to want to talk to me. I am really done, I do not see any way he could care about me as I do him by his actions of wanting to talk less due to "distance", and for him not contacting me for two weeks, not even on Thanksgiving yesterday. Should I just leave it the way it is and ignore him if he doubtfully contacts me, change my number without telling him new one and tell him changed it and goodbye, or just tell him good bye and best wishes for good?


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  • Stop all contact immediately and go forward with better things to do , or better others to talk to.

    • I shouldn't tell him goodbye and I hope the best for him so he knows not to contact me? It's very hard hoping he will call/text and my heart hurting every day he doesn't, I want to stop that and I think telling him goodbye or changing my phone number can help me and make my heart stop hurting.

    • Asker. You know , it's very hard sometimes to let someone go when you're heart feels differently. Although, this arrangement belongs to him as well , and he's supposed to take all initiatives forward to make this happen... if he doesn't act on it exclusively and quickly , then he must have other plans else where.

  • just be honest n upfronyt tell him or her hoe u feel about it gonna be hard but just do ur best


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  • He has ended it, he just doesn't know what to say! Guys would rather eat off theri arm than to cause conflict or problems, that is why walking away instead of hurting your feelings is easier. If he makes it more difficult for you, then you will eventually give up and move on, that is what he is banking on. He might even be attracted to you, but listen to what he is telling you. He would pursue you if you lived closer... not so much blah blah blah, just true. Long distance relationships just rarely work out. If he cared, he would call. Guess what, sometimes we don't want to know this, but Silence is a Response in itself. Loose his contacts, get rid of him on social media, block all accounts, or stop his emails, etc... out of sight, you will move on... best of luck

    • Thanks! I have tried to end it a few times, he asked me to please keep in contact with him, tells me he doesn't want to lose contact. The last conversation we had he said he was going to fall asleep imagining my fingers in running through his hair and my "sweet" voice in his ear. I was upset because I really do want to be just friends with him right now and that confused me, so I just said hope he has a good night. It's been two weeks, no text/call and if I can end this, should I tell him I am ending it, just change my phone number or ignore him if he ever contacts me again. I honestly though we felt a connection in all my years I have never felt and he has told me the same, it hurts my heart to do this but I feel like I don't have a choice.

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    • Romans 8:28 is my favorite Bible Verse, I almost sent it to you a bit ago! I know things work out for the best when we least expect them too!

    • Yes, thank you sister in Christ!

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