My ex unblocked Mr from Whatsapp. What could be going on?

My boyfriend, now ex, and I broke into an argument all because he had broke an agreement we made, which further broke the trust within the relayionship. We had both blocked each other without PROPER closure of the relationship and if it was really ivee. I had no contact with him for 3 weeks now. But during the 2nd week, I did call him in private since he still had me blocked and asked for proper closure. He sounded like he missed me and told me he was going to call me later that day, but he didn't. So b I went back to blocking him. He call the day after 3x time and even private to find himself block an (my phone tells me when an attempted call was made) and then he texted me that he guess he'll just delete my number. The next day after these attempted call he call once more in private, but I ignored it (I know he's no good for me, I know I fail to ask for closure in the QST place). Then just yesterday I see that he unblocked me on whatsapp as I could see his profile pic, but he can't see me because he's block. In total is been 3 weeks of not seeing him and ignoring him. I'm really trying to move on for he has cheated on me numerous of times, deceptive and manipulative and has hurt me so much. I just don't understand why can't he erase me for goid, so that it can be easier. I'm just happy it's been 3 weeks.


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  • Like you said, there wasn't complete closure between the two of you.
    Might be a good idea to make contact, settle things once and for all. That way you won't have this issue reoccurring

    • I know, but I don't believe he deserves closure. I don't want anything to do with him. I want to move on. Not everyone deserves to be told why you split ways from them. He's old enough to know.

    • Fair enough. Then don't :) Just leave him be, he will get the hint eventually

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