I want my ex boyfriend back, but he just had a baby with current girlfriend suggestions?

I dumped my ex 4 years ago because he cheated numerous times. We started dating at 16 up until 19 years old. After we broke up he started dating a girl I saw in his phone. So I started dating. He would text me and say he still loves me, but I wouldn't shake. I recently ended a 4 year relationship and contacted my ex. He says all the right things, but it seems to good to be true. So I just act like I want sex to protect myself. I even told him to stay with his girl (the mother of his child) and work it out. One day before I knew his girl was pregnant, he told me I was suppose to be the mother of his children, but I didn't know why he said. Come to find out she was pregnant. But deep down I want to tell him I want him. He ask if I miss him and he says in his head I'm still his, but I know men will say whatever. Now he is back with his girl and I found out from her Instagram bio. when I asked, I told him not to lie because he was known for lying and he shockingly told the truth. So I stopped having sex with him and didn't contact him and he has done the same. If what he was saying was true why would he go back to her? I realized if a grown man messed up with me in my current relationship, then what was I expecting from a 16-19 year old. I just go through dating a 30 year old.
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We were engaged and I was pregnant with his child less than 2 years of being together and we've been together for 3. My dad made me abort it, I just couldn't do it anymore. It's been 4 years Since we've been dating other people. On the four year mark I left mine and he got his pregnant. I just heard them say if the male does the breaking up there is no chance, but if the female did the breaking up there is a chance. I didn't take their relationship serious, but now I will thanks.
I want my ex boyfriend back, but he just had a baby with current girlfriend suggestions?
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