Does my ex want me back?

Me and my ex have been apart for around 5 months now, we always talk and kinda flirt in school. Also i always catch him looking at me defiantly over 30 times a lesson! does that mean he likes me? or wat? please help me guys!!! xxx
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  • It depends on the looks he gives you. You can interpret his looks in what you do.
    If you saw him looking, doesn't that also mean you were looking at him as well? So, it goes both ways.

    • my friend noticies more than i do, in lesson i'll go to look at the time and his looking at me things like that x

    • Why not break the ice and talk to him as a friend. You could do that much n launch break or something. Talk about life, school anything that interest him not/and you. Otherwise, you'll always be suspicious and not get an answer.

    • didn't nation that we always talk, whenever we see eachother we're talking! like it's non stop x

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