Girls, Recently broke up, NC for a week. Seeking advice on the overall story?

I've been dating a girl with no labels for about seven months & we had 1 break prior to this one which took place a week ago to be exact.
reason wasbecause she had broke up with her ex boyfriend around a month before we started talking and wasn't really over him and needed time to heal and be independent

We have hung out pretty much everyday for the seven months. Everything was going so great, we did everything an exclusive couple would do, we had similar interests, and enjoyed each others company all the time. The presence of one another brought a smile to each of our faces and made us look forward to tomorrow

Then recently she started acting distant and I noticed. Let it subside for a couple days but it didn't subside so I confronted her and at first she didn't want to talk about it, I insisted she talk about it because it's only going to linger in her thoughts and make her feel the way she's been. She then said I think we should stop talking because I'm not ready for a relationship with anyone right now. I enjoyed your company and you e showed me how I should be treated because her ex did not treat her as I did. She ended it with she needs to be independent and not relient on someone being there all the time and that if we are meant to be then we will be in the future just not now.
During this conversation we shed tears and held eachother for a long time

Through out the time period of us talking her friends would tell her that they feel bad for me because I'm giving my all whereas she is kind of half-assing it due to we not being fully committed because of her personal issues.

Should I wait then contact her with a short yet subtle emotion hitting text? Perhaps a goodmorning text to see how she's doing?
only reason I think I should do a goodmorning text is because I would send goodmorning texts frequently while we were talking
Girls, Recently broke up, NC for a week. Seeking advice on the overall story?
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