My exboyfriend/father of our child and I had sex this holiday does this mean he is still in love with me? or playing games?

My exboyfriend and I had sex this Thanksgiving after being being separated 1 year and 3 months. normally we avoid each other with small talk. this time it was different we flirted hard and got close untill we started making out more than when we was dating then we end up having sex, we did cuddle afterwards like we was still together. yes he brought up old pics of us and nudes. he never kissed me this long before and he's the type whom doesn't like to much tounge.
The thing is, he said i will always love you. And haven't talk to him sense 2 days ago. So should I call him? Yes he is dating the girl he left me for all this time. they been breaking up and getting back together this is the 3rd time they do.
I'm still in love with him, so now I can't stop thinking about what happen this weekend.
He did canceled his plans with his current girlfriend this Thanksgiving to drive 2 hours to see his child and ended up in bed with me.
We started talking like we used to, but the thing that didn't make sense was that he said I better not have any kids with anyone else he is the only one I can have kids with so I laugh and said get real. and told me he knows I'm waiting for him and I made it clear I was not. then he told me he was thinking of renting me and our daughter a place out in the country so he can see his daughter more. then the last thing he said to me was I need to learn to be submissive and he would still be with me so I laugh and said no thanks, I am who I am and I love who I am take it or leave it and said to me then we can't be together ever and that's fine
Should I call him or leave him alone? How should I go about this? please help because am going crazy thinking about what happen between us. Does this encounter meant something to him like it did to me? I don't wanna get all work up over something I feel, if it meant nothing to him did it? please be real with me guys and help me thanks


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  • I don't know to say he is still in love but he definitely didn't leave you in full. Playing games... urrm... hard to say, could be or could be not. If he loves you for real he should have guts to leave what he has with current girlfriend and be with you. Wait for his response. When he does be upright and ask is this for real. If so say he needs to leave everything else behind and be with you. (I mean not work stuff, but other girls)

    • Well the thing is he claims he's happy with her but broke 3 times in a year and they get back because he claims she can't effort to pay the the rent on her own sense they got a lease. but he has always fought and avoided me untill this Thanksgiving he cancel plans with her and of course she's mad and drove 2 hours to come out. this time we got along great and ended up doing what we shouldn't and afterwards we lay and talk more and he said i will always love you to bad you don't listen. i guess what I want to know is how he is feeling after what happen this holiday and I know how am feeling and part of me wants to call but I don't need him thinking he got the power over me. You know.

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    • But then that would make me desperate or no? I just don't wanna get hurt or played with.

    • If you want to continue it, you may have sacrifice things. You may get hurt. You may get used. In order to get know what really going on, you might have to come out of your comfort zone

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  • Its sounds like he is stringing you along while he continues to date and have a good time with other females. There is no telling who else he is talking to. I was talking to a guy that use to do this to me. Please dont equate sex, and lovey dovey talk with him wanting to be with you. His actions have to be consistent across the board. Not just on Monday he has sex with and wants to be with you and then you dont hear from him in a week. And then he pops up a week later saying he misses you when things are going wrong with his current girlfriend. You do not deserve to be used and treated like that. And your feelings do matter. You are not some puppet he can just string along like that. Let him know that you are no longer having sex with him, because you dont want to keep thinking that there will be a chance when he vanishes and comes back as he pleases. Do not keep on having sex with him when he is not making it clear that he wants to be in a serious relationship with you, and he has yet to mention if he is going to break things off with his current girlfriend. Dont waste your time on that jerk.

    • Thanks I hear you. i guess i was hoping after thrusday what happen between us meant something to him, like it did to me. I guess am gonna act like it didn't mean nothing to me.

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