I just want friends, love.. someone who's hand I can hold and fall in love with and to be loved truly by someone... is it too much to ask for?

I feel so broken and alone... there's a pit in my stomach and s void where my destroyed heart used to be.. there's no peace and no comfort.. no sleep n no rest... yet the only thing left is words. but I have only few to ask...

why me? what did I do to deserve such torture and pain? why won't this end? is happiness forbidden for me?

I cannot even cry. there's no relief no escape.. I feel im stuck endless loop of this hell.

i don't know anymore..
I don't know where to go..
I don't know what to do or how to begin...
I don't know who can help me...

I hope this message finds you well.. I hope you never have to go through or suffer my suffering...


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  • *hugs you tight*. I'm sorry you're going through a tough time man :( . I hope letting some of those feelings out on the internet is helping, if even just a little bit. As you can see from that other comment though, this maybe isn't the best platform.. There's a site called 7cupsoftea that might be more helpful for you. There are trained active listeners there who can provide you with support via chat

    Feel better friend <3

    • I'm very grateful.. thank you.. Godbless you

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  • Another stupid waa waa rant. Stop crying and do something with your life. Be thankful that your biggest problem is that you don't have a g's hand to hold.

  • (Hugggg)


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