What does it mean if my ex won't tell anyone we broke up?

My boyfriend of 2 years dumped me after a fight a little more than a month ago. He hasn't told his 8 yr old son or his family. Only one friend knows. He tells them my job has been time consuming this time of year and thats why im not around much.
I never hear from since he broke it off. His friend told me no one knows. He too doesn't know why he wouldn't tell people it didn't work out. He thinks he's reconsidering the breakup and just needs space. He also told me he's not seeing anyone and that he is a bit depressed.
We had a pretty good relationship otherwise and he broke up because i pushed him to move in and he wasn't ready... i pushed too hard.
What to think about this?


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  • In my opinion he hasn't said anything to anyone because he isn't sure that he made the right choice.
    If he does try to come back make him work for it. Don't let him back so easily. Use this time to focus on yourself. Think if you want someone who can walk away so easily without talking it over with you.
    If he needed space maybe he shouldve said that instead of leaving you all together.


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  • he is plannig to come back to u

  • He's waiting to see if you ask him to take you back on his terms

    • I haven't tried reaching out in 2 weeks... he wouldn't acknowledge me so i gave up. I won't try again so if he wants to talk or reconcile thats up to him.

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    • Oh, don't get me wrong I think what he's doing is despicable and you'd be well within your rights to move on

    • I just dont get it.

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