Is my ex boyfriend over me?

Both of us are not contacting each other. We still have social media connections. He does not block/delete me on any social medias. Liked my instagram picture and flip through my instagram stories. Created an instagram sub account that is linked to his fb and not used at all (I received notification about it).

Is he over me yet? Just curious only.
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Well I did not contact him, but I secretly stalk him virtually because I am still not fully over him yet. What I observed: online more on whatsapp than usual. Facebook as well. Are these considered vague signs of him being over me or not? Or just maybe?


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  • Well, it appears he is being nice to you. If he wants to remain friends keep it at that level , it will take time for both of you to heal. See where things with you two
    don't get depressed or stressed over him.

  • He is, he's just being nice..


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