Why after argument would your boyfriend block you from calling and texting BUT only unfriended you on Facebook?
Why only a partial block?
And no I have never begged and pleaded and blew his phone up after a break up I just let him take his space.


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What Guys Said 2

  • because he wanna get rid of you asap that's Like making you think about it rather than anything else
    bottom line forget it

    • You said two things I dont understand which one is it

    • both could be reason
      instant regret and you do something more dumb one can laugh on or you come on your knees and he can take you on from there
      or you just move on and he never have to think of you again

What Girls Said 1

  • Don't know but be strong, don't give in and let him win. Just walk away and let him play his little game all on his own while you find a man more deserving of you.

  • Because he's immature and likes playing games. My ex did that ALL the time. He's expecting you to contact him through ways you're not blocked.
    That's my opinion anyway.

    • I'm thinking the same thing but I'm not contacting him because he's playing games. So childish I feel

    • It's so hurtful. It would feel like my heart was being crushed anytime my ex did that.
      Try to see the bright side. It'll give you both time to cool off... And also him doing that is teaching you how to live w/o him.
      Be strong and try to do things that will distract you and bring joy into your life.

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