I don't know if I should break up or not and if I do how to do it nicely?

the thing is i do still love him but the thing is its our relationship is kinda stressing me out sometimes he reacts a million times even if I'm doubting he always shows my worth and says i love you but on the other hand there are times that my heart tells me i should break up because at times it can be frustrating talking if he's okay and sound like he isn't and other kinds things that leave me like this... please help i don't know what to do...


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  • break up

  • Sorry English is my second language so correct me if I'm wrong
    U love him but his attitude makes u want to break up with him? Is that attitude bad or is it just normal couple misunderstanding

    But if u really don't want to be with him and not work on the relationship, because ur heart has a feeling. Then u could have a talk with him and tell him that u can't keep up the relationship because u have been feeling stressed out and that u need time to just be with yourself and figure out what to do next. (don't actually say his faults because that will hurt him).


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