How can I get him back?

me and my ex broke up 5 months ago, i miss him nd i think he might miss me a little bit as we're always talking and looking at eachother in classes. But my question is how can i get him back, and does he actually like me? or is he just playing hard to get? but yh how can i get him back? please help me xo


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  • Ask yourself these questions:
    Why u broke up?
    Will u want to be in a "off and on" relationship?
    Do u want to take steps backwards or move toward?
    Missing an ex is normal, but u have to know and respect ur decisions. There are more guys in the "horizon". Don't go back to the past when u can go towards a future.

    • but his all i think about i miss him a lot!

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    • Hope it helps :)
      Just think of it likes this. Each boyfriend will get 'better' and 'better' until u find the right one.

    • okay thanks x

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  • if someone likes you they would be with you.

    you still haven't moved on from him.

    it might take you at least a year to forget about him.

    the problem is you see him everyday which makes it harder for you to move on but time heals.

    • do u think he likes me still? ,

    • no because he would speak to you and ask you back out.

      always remember that if someone likes you they will be with you

    • we speak and he finds ways too touch me and his constantly looking at me in a good way obviously. his one of the popular boys at my collage and i think if he were to admit he liked me then all the boys would tell me nd he'd get embrassed nd things like that

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