How to get her back?

Ex girlfriend and I loved each other, but I was afraid to commit and she wanted clarity so she broke up with me.
It was the hardest decision she ever made she said.

This was last August.

We had sex 1 last time, then I could not see her any more.

the first 2 weeks were OK

Then I started missing her and slowly but surely realized I made a mistake.

The more time passed, the harder I started chasing her.
The more she started to kick me away (I faced countless of rejections from her, while she went out partying EVERY weekend and dated guys throughout the week).

It was devastating. I hated her, but I wanted her back. I knew she was not like this because I was her first boyfriend.

I basically pushed her in the arms of a lot of guys, she tried to get over me, and I tried to get her back.

Until the point where she lost all respect for me, and now she is almost into a relationship with another guy.

She says I don't get it's over and she is over me.

I am devastated, an emotional wreck, I let the woman of my life go.

I just want to be with her, I can't sleep, eat, concentrate I am ****ed up.

She doesn't want to be with me because I was needy, clingy, desperate, too available
But I was scared she may find somebody else.
and now she did, and she wants to get rid of me.
All she is using me for is boosting her ego.

How do I get her before they go into a relationship?

Everybody says move on, including her.
But I refuse to let her go. I miss who she was.
I want to punch myself in the face for letting her go.


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  • You need to move on from this. She has made it VERY clear she doesn't want to be with you and if you really cared for her you would respect that. You had a chance and unfortunately you made a mistake but learn from that (and your actions since then) and move on. Take some time to heal and start dating but you can't keep harassing someone who doesn't want to be with you


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  • Really sorry to hear that.
    All i can say, but this wil work.

    That, you need to let go and TIME HEALS. It does.
    3 months 6 months 1 years or more. But time will heal. I mighy sound like underestimating what you have been through.. But.. Let her go.

  • if you still have her number tell her how you really feel, honestly, tell her what you just told us, she may still be mad, but you gotta keep telling her, not like a lot, if she doesn't like clingy, she wouldn't like it to be repeated, but dont give up, she may come back to you

  • You need to let go and move on. You'll ruin your own life otherwise. There are other women out there.

  • Move on.


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