Post Breakup Advice?

I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago. I didn't know when the right time to break up with him would be so I just did it anyway even tho he was going through personal/family problems.

A month passed now and I really am worried about him. I want to know if he is okay with his family problems since I do care for him, just that our relationship and our love wasn't as strong as before.

What do you guys think about me texting him and asking him on how he is doing? telling him that I hope everything is okay and that if he needs anything I am here as a friend for him and wishing luck for finals? Is that appropriate?

IF not, what can I do to keep that out of my mind of him being okay?


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  • Dear GAG user,

    relationships between humans can be very fragile at times. Although we may want to express our most honest feelings to others, we must be aware of the fact that communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, is a skill, which requires focus and understanding.
    Your sudden concern for his well-being may cheer him up, and give him strenght and hope for the upcoming days. But it may also become one more burden for him. Regardless, you have no reason to be frightened or concerned, for only he can control his mind, and whether he becomes flustered, happy or anxious, it was his choice.
    If your intentions are sincere, you are not bringing any harm or bad intention with you, and therefore, you can put your mind at ease. But like we have mentioned at the beginning, even when our intentions are pure, we may still cause undesired changes. So, decide whether you want to take a risk or not.
    If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this topic, message me, and I will reply.

    Best regards, lijep pozdrav,


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  • Sure. Shoot him a text. When he responds let him know you are still not interested in getting back together but that you are worried about him as a friend.

  • Start working out and hanging out with friends.

  • let it be


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