How can I get my ex to talk to me again?

We split a month ago , he dumped me out of the blue after a great weekend together. He seemed happy and his normal loving self. He didn't give me a reason for the split, he just said its over. And he's barely said anything to me since. I haven't heard from him since the 7th and that was when i got my stuff from him. I can't understand how we went from loving happy couple to strangers over night. there's no other woman, his friend says he's single and kind of reclusive.
Though i would like to work things out, i mostly want an understanding of what happened... he just left me hanging. Especially since he told me he loved me more than anything right before he dumped me. He was also talking about our future together and buying a house next yr and even adoption... i dont understand what went wrong. I miss him so much. I miss us. I haven't tried contacting him in over 2 weeks, but at this point I doubt I'll ever hear back again.
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Also i should note that he and i rarely fought or had any sort of problems previous to this.
His friend told me to give him sone space, but a month has gone by...
How can I get my ex to talk to me again?
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