I need help getting back with my ex!

i cheated on my boyfriend + he found out on his own months later. I did not ever tell him because I really loved him and things were getting really good again and I did not want to ruin our chances. It has been 2 months, we have not spoken on the phone nor seen each other. I have been crying daily from missing him so much. He has been hooking up with girls and dating as he should do but I want him back. I really am so in love with him. We were inseparable for 2 years except for our bad time early last fall. Please help guys! How do I get him to trust and love me again?


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  • i dated someone for four years...she cheated on me (just making out with other guys) but she told me. things weren't the same since then I didn't trust her and I honestly didn't want to have anything to do with her. remember guys are really possessive and when his girl gets with another guy its like the worst thing ever for him. but as a guy that's sorta in ur guys situation my feelings are that I do still love her also and I do miss her but my bottom line thinking was if you felt the need to cheat on me then I have the right to go get with other girls. so even still having feelings of true love with this girl now 6 months later I still have trust issues with her. we aren't together but were still close and its going to take a lot for me to come back to her in a honest relationship...i guess what I am sayin is kinda being in your guys shoes a bit here I would say there is still hope but if you really want him and you really love him then you will wait for him. you def. hurt him a ton and its going to take some time to get over it but he will eventually get over it if he really cares about u...hope that helped

  • How do I get him to trust and love me again?: You don't. It's his choice. There is nothing you can do but lay your cards on the table and wait, and if he refuses then he refuses.

    • But if there was a way what would be the best way to prove to someone that you are being honest? or that you really love them? I am not hooking up dating nothing anyone else, and only writing him sweet things every day and telling him I love him and I take a lot from him. I mean just the cruelest things that I do deserve he says. I have asked and he doesn't say no though. He says he doesn't know. So there must be some glimpse of hope, no?

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