How does a guy go from I love you so much, to im dumping you in a matter of hours when everything seemed fine?

My ex left me a month ago. We had a small argument over moving in together, he wasn't ready. Thats fine, but ultimately we decided id move closer to him and wed revisit the moving in thing later. I was fine with that an he was excited that id be living closer by (we currently live 20 mins away and moving near him id be like 5 mins or less) he excitedly was talking about him visiting my home and all that (currently i have roommates) . He said he thought this would make our relationship better and stronger. He said he loved me so much and then a few hours later he dumped me over text. And I've barely heard from him since. Its been a month. We were together 2 years.


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  • Sounds like he got scared or someone scared him off. It probably hit him that the relationship was getting real and it scared him off. Don't ask me why so many guys seemed scared of a commitment (if I had to guess, I would say it has something to do with childhood and parents). You can try to contact him and let him know you still care for him and that you're willing to take it slower if he really wants to. But only if you're ready to do that of course. Sorry to hear about your loss and I hope you get him back.

    • His parents had a long happy marriage. Married for 40 years when his mom died 7 years ago. I didn't know her, or see them together but he's told me about his parents long happy marriage. Each of his 3 siblings is happily married. He's the odd one out. I don't know. He's the oldest of 4 kids, he's been in trouble years ago and though he has an 8 yr old son, his sons mom and him were never married together 8 years, split just aftee their son was 5. He said she pressured him to get engaged. He said he had to always support her and he thought if we moved in together that hed be doinv the same thing for me. Which isn't true at all, i work full time and though i dont make a lot, i can afford some of the pricey rent in my area and still pay other bills. I tried to convey that to him and i thought he understood that but who knows because im at a loss as to what happened. He refuses to talk.

    • Thank by the way.
      Not sure i want him back now, just want to talk. But if we were to try to work it out id be open. Just not holding my breath. Its been a month since split and I've not heard very much from him not even a happy Thanksgiving

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  • lol maybe you should date a more mentally stable guy xD there was definitely something going on behind the scenes. i bet he cheated so he pulled the plug before you´ll find out.

    • There was no cheating...

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    • Hmm yeah it's more complicated than I thought.

    • Yeah, i suppose so. Im just going to give him space, and if he comes back cool if not im working on me.

  • I think not wanting to move in was his way of saying it was done.

  • He lied.


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  • He didn't love you as much as he said he did and was too scared to admit it and break up in person.


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