I need someone's advice, my relationship with my mother is crashing (read more in details) what should I do?

One day I went to my mom (adopted-ish) because her husband touched me inappropriately one night. I told her about it but I was afraid because she has been the only person throughout my life that has been there for me. She called a family meeting he didn't deny it I told her I was afraid. In the end she blamed herself because she thought she put her marriage on hold to take care of me. I only told her this little part because I was afraid to say it all. When I was sleeping I woke up to him touching me even more I turned over to try and get him away and cried for the rest of that night. He would come in repetitively and do this when I was asleep. I planned on telling her this all of this and he found out that I knew and threatened to make sure I would be homeless, careless, etc the works. Now my mom doesn't spend any time with me at all its all about him. I can't do this anymore and don't know what to do sometimes I feel just like ending my life to make thins easier. I'm trying to go through school and can't even concentrate anymore. One night before going to sleep I told her I was sorry for whatever I did this made her frustrated and now she won't give me hugs anymore or tell me she loves me. And that kills... What do I do, I can't take her not talking loving me its just too much.


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  • wow, this is a tough one, you need HELP, this asshole should not be touching you, EVER... Get help, from your parents or your teachers or the police, TELL SOMEONE! DO NOT STAND FOR THIS! I'm sorry your mum doesn't believe you, that is harsh, but you can't let this ponce away with this sh*t...

    • She believes me on the part I told her she just blames herself for everything, I just don't want to give up on our relationship.....but I'm not sure wht to do because he has control over EVERYTHING and seems like a nice guy but well you get the pic.

    • Jesus Christ, is she drinking, on drugs?? I don't mean to be rude but if this was my child I would string this prick up by the balls... Please if this is actually happening tell your teacher, doctor, next door neighbour or local cop, even your best friend's dad... I know that will be hard, but you can't live like that!

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  • The relationship with your mom is changing and it's changing in a negative way. You need her now for what feels like more than ever, and she is pulling away from you. Tell her that the repercussions of her behavior can really affect you in a negative way. Keep your head above water. Regardless of what your mom does, it's your life, and so do what you need to stay happy.

    • Yes it's just so difficult for me because she has always been the type to hug and tell me she loves me. However, when she is upset she gives the cold shoulder and won't talk at all!

  • You need to go to the police.


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