Being Friends With an EX?

So me & my Ex have been broken up for a month... I've been doing the no contact rule for almost a month (I have one more week to go). He broke up with me, I feel like he doesn't know exactly what he wants & then life got in the way of things too. Plus, we stay 2 hours from each other & it was just difficult. We were best friends for 6 years & together for 3 years. I wanted to text him maybe after a month of not talking to him & I wanted to know if I should & how should I go about doing it? Before the new year comes, I want to know who to cut completely out of my life, & who to keep in my life. I was going to wait until he contacted me first, but I feel like I'm giving him power or whatever & I don't want to be that girl sitting by the phone waiting for him to make the first move. Plus, this is something I want to do for myself.

He claimed that maybe we were bad timing & maybe it would work out in the future, but I don't want to fall for that if its a trick, & I really don't want a relationship at this point anyway. I want to focus on me more, but I still care about him & love him, I just want to text him something simple & ask if he really wants a friendship. I don't want a sometimey friendship from him (fake) or an awkward friendship. Because if its not going to be genuine, then I'll just cut ALL ties with him & move on altogether. I feel like we'll be better off as friends, I'm not completely over him, I don't think I ever will be to be honest. But at least I could try to get over him & still keep him as a friend, its not like I'm going to be seeing him anyway since we stay 2 hours from each other. So that could help me get over him. But what do you guys think? Good idea or no? & please help me on how I should go about contacting him & when. I want to do this for me, I don't want to throw away everything if we had a REAL friendship. And IF it ever led back to a relationship, I want to make sure we take our precious time & grow before we try a relationship again.
Being Friends With an EX?
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